Temple of Light supports each soul's awakening process through ancient, sacred arts that span both Eastern and Western traditions. Awaken to your true self!

Temple Yoga & Retreats

Yoga classes online and in person, retreats in paradise that transform your soul. Classes, Retreats and Teacher Training customized to your needs.
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Devotional Temple Dance

Devotional Temple Dance is a practice that is designed for you to begin slowly exploring moving in a sacred way. It is the offering of dance as a sacred prayer.
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Temple Meditation & Pranayama

Enhance your self-awareness, de-stress and fortify clarity! Grounded and simplified practices that you can use in your daily life.
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Temple Chanting & Mantra

Ancient mantras and prayers to invoke the energy you wish to attract in your life. Shruti box & Harmonium classes also available.
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Temple Spritual Guidance & Practices

Guiding you with daily practices that provide insight, intentional focus, and goals. Connect with your spiritual self and overcome life's challenges and obstacles!
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Temple Karmic Readings & Light Weaving

Awaken the knowledge of your soul. Together we will discover the patterns that create bondage and suffering and resolve them. Align with your true purpose!
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Temple Creations

Spiritual Poems to UP-lift, to read in yoga classes, and to ignite the temple of light within!
SWAHA (Meenakshi and Ron Reid) perform original compositions of chanting music that is both inspired and uplifting. An ever-enticing blend of ethereal Sanskrit vocals soaring over rich earthy rhythms.
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