"The Heart within is a Temple Divine"  ~Meenakshi 

Are you looking for daily practices that provide you with insight, intentional focus/goals, with grounded techniques to help support and uplift you in your life?

With 30 years background of supporting people in the various practices of Yoga, Mantra (spiritual affirmation) music frequencies that connect us with our God/Goddess Essence, and spiritual insights and direction, Meenakshi loves to work with people on their journey to ground these ancient and transformative practices into your daily life, in a step-by-step and supportive way!


Tailored to YOU, and this present moment, Meenakshi works with age old techniques and practices that will help bring insight into current challenges, clear obstacles in the pathway, and provide support in various Yogic techniques that have been tried and true for centuries!

Some of these practices, tailored to you, will include:


Specific guidelines are given to support your journey of opening new doorways and dimensions of happiness and peaceIt is an honour and joy to support your journey on the path of happiness, wholeness, and freedom!

These classes include:  One hour class…Tailored class written out for your home practice, including any mantra’s, pranayama,. Aasana, lifestyle support recommended.  This can include a recording of a specific mantra if needed, and support around the practices.

It is an honour and joy to support your journey on the path of happiness, wholeness, and freedom!


“A few years back, I went to see Meenakshi for spiritual counselling because I felt lost and depressed, as if a part of my soul was missing. Meenakshi was very attentive, non-judgemental and showed a lot of compassion. I followed the sadhana assigned by Marla and along with her guidance, things slowly shifted for me. Her vast spiritual knowledge has shed light on my spiritual path. The mantra (affirmation) she gave me was so profound I had it tattooed on my wrist! I highly recommend Meenakshi to anyone who require spiritual guidance. Namaste!”

~Jay S. (Student/Private Client)

“I can’t describe the transformation that happened with my sessions with Meenakshi. She was able to listen to what I was going through and magically turn it into a glorious portal into a new way of thinking with some practices that supported the change in direction that I needed. I felt ( and feel) so much lighter and brighter and feel so thankful for these sessions!”

~Jennifer B (Private Client)

To Marla: you have influenced my thinking to such a great extent. I am so grateful for the calmness you have brought and continue to bring to my mind and soul. You have deepened my appreciation on the impact of our thoughts, and how our thoughts influence our individual universe. I am very grateful for your spiritual guidance and teachings. Thank you. Namaste.

~Luzita (Teacher Training grad/Student)

For inquiries, and to set up classes for your needs, please email Meenakshi at: templeoflight108@gmail.com