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Karmic Readings  are channeled sessions that are helpful in helping one peek into the  askaashic records, which are the records that hold the history of each soul. As we move from lifetime to lifetime we tend to repeat certain patterns that create bondages and suffering. Each soul has a ROOT or nucleus of suffering that we see in these sessions. 

What comes from these sessions is a deep cellular healing as this Karmic core “knot” is uncovered and revealed. We can then transition from patterns of fear that control our narrative, to a life lived in love and in in freedom, and help us to align with our purpose here on this glorious planet!

“Love is Who we are, the very Energy we are made of,  the true basis of our identity” ~Meenakshi


Everybody has a story, we are in fact, a fascinating woven web of stories! It can take incarnations to both understand and transform our karmic stories so that we can release being held down by them as we evolve on our soul’s path... to uncover the Wisdom from the story (transform and release the fear) and learn how create powerful conscious choices moving forward towards Unconditional Love (for ourselves and others), and a sense of Wholeness and Oneness with our Essential Divine Nature.

There are many ways that we have personified Love, and in our experiences, it is the many ways that we experience Love that helps us to travel towards it more and more, and in this process of discovery to deepen our love beyond what we could ever imagine. Without fear and repetition of certain Karmic patterns we can experience a great Love.

First we must discover where it was perhaps Lost! Through our societal influences, history, ancestry, culture and experiences in life that leave us unresolved and create a samskara (impression) of fear. That fear can become a lense that we look through at life and life situations, and leads to perhaps anger, grief, depression, anxiety, low self worth, and more that leave us not feeling empowered and optimizing the glory of our Divine nature.

The goal of these sessions are to leave you feeling the joy and beauty of life, and to thrive in your highest potential!

Choose Love Karmic Core Reading is a 3- session experience that has the power to totally transform your life! 

It provides you with the tools and support post-session as well.

1st session:  The Channeled reading that is recorded.  Available in person or Online

2nd session:  After 2 weeks of working with the recording and other protocols we will meet again for the Integration Session. Support is given based on the energetic transmissions and attunements, as well to assist in both the process of transformation, and the process moving forward.

3rd session (Healing Tool):  Light Weaving Activation is a tool to help with your self-healing, supporting your own connection to your guides bringing grace that comes with that healing.  This session activates you to continue to access and ignite the new energies that have come in and  assist us in keeping that channel of love and fulfillment flowing effortlessly in our lives.

SPIRITUAL PRACTICE/SAADHANA GUIDANCE: Taking into consideration your Core Pattern Reading, we will delve into practices that ignite your Soul's Path!

Light Weaving Activation (Healing Tool): Learn this technique on its own to accompany, ignite and
energetically boost any other meditation practices that you are working with.


"Meenakshi’s core pattern reading felt to me like uncovering a missing piece of my life’s puzzle. This transformative experience brought me face-to-face with a major life lesson and has given me the ability to navigate my journey with more understanding and grace. Thank you for the guidance."

With gratitude, Lamis D. (Private Student/Client)

“I don’t even know how to describe my experience learning the technique of Light Weaving with Meenakshi. It was like I came home to a practice that made sense for me and that initiated a way to truly transform my energy in a positive direction! After having my Karmic Core Pattern reading with her, this modality really helped me move integrate the experience and also provide me with a tool to deeper the transformation. Im so grateful for this and for YOU Meenakshi! Thank you ever so much!"

~Linda B. (Private Client)

“I really didn’t know what to expect when I went to Meenakshi for a Karmic Reading. She explained the whole process so well to me, and I felt so safe…and well…what a ride it was!! I was in tears as a deep part of what Ive been holding onto dropped away during the session. The integration session 2 weeks later was really so amazing…as it really did bring together in a deeper way both the experience and understanding. Im so grateful!”

~Judith (Private Client)

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